A miscellany of non-fic links

Greetings, O faithful readers! Alas, my fic rec queue is empty. I don’t know how this is even possible, given the amount of time I spend on ao3, but there it is.

In browsing through my iPad Notes, though, I see I have lots of non-fic fandom links of one kind or other that haven’t made it into any kind of a post yet. So I guess today’s post will be a miscellany of non-fic links for your perusal and enjoyment.

For example, there is a hysterical post about gay animal sex (HT raiining).

And some actual, real, non-porn advice on how to have anal sex, one from a New Zealand public health authority and one from the inimitable advice columnist Dan Savage.

There is an intro to shipping (very handy for explaining what OTP means to non-fanfic readers).

And a “Tiny Iron Man versus a bottle” photo comic.

And, finally, a NSFW photo of a dildo, which is pretty self-explanatory…but I linked it for the commentary, so make sure to scroll down.

Yep, that’s about it for now. Happy non-fic Monday!

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