Unusual Clint/Phil coffeeshop!AU fic, plus one from the archives

The unusual coffeeshop!AU fic first: The coffee bandits of greater Manhattan by daroos adheres closely — delightfully so — to canon/fanon backstory, in the sense that Clint and Natasha run an unlicensed food truck that dispenses coffee and pastries, and Phil is a city food inspector tasked with either bringing them in line or shutting them down. Most of the usual suspects make an appearance, including the tracksuit mafia from Fraction’s Hawkeye comic. It has occasional angst, goes to unexpected places (“No one talks about the fight club”), but there is a happy ending. Clint POV, central Clint/Phil, peripheral Tony/Steve and Bucky/Natasha.

As for the archives… Occasionally, I manually click on my AO3 subscriptions, partly because email notification doesn’t always catch everything, and partly because this lets me browse* my favourite authors’ bookmarks for recs. It occurred to me that although I put out many recs through this blog, I have hitherto bookmarked very rarely. As a service to people who use AO3 bookmarks the same way I do, therefore, I’ve resolved to bookmark at least one fic from each of my favourite authors to help spread the word a bit.

Of course, it’s taking a while, scrolling through my favourite authors’ fics and bookmarks, trying to decide which ones to bookmark myself, reading fic I haven’t seen before and also re-reading some good ones along the way. This one happened to make me smile when I saw it again; and when I realized I haven’t rec’d it yet, figured now was the time. 50,000 Unstoppable Watts by DevilDoll is the Clint/Phil with the photo of the naked WWII gunner which inspired it tacked on at the end. The fic is short and fun and the pic is breathtaking. Enjoy!

[*Originally I had here “troll”, which I meant in the fishing sense — you know, you let down a line, move slowly but systematically through your favourite fishing hole, hoping for fish. But I just remembered that troll has a different meaning on the Internet and I didn’t want anyone thinking I would go to my favourite authors and, I don’t know, leave nasty comments or something.]

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